We have taken delivery of an eco-loo!

It’s actually an ordinary toilet that uses less water than normal to flush. The reviews are good so I’m hopeful it will work ok. I did look in to composting toilets but decided against one (at least not for the main bathroom)

After carrying out research this seems to be the most frugal in terms of water use while still  getting the job done and costing the same as a normal loo.

It is a Wickes one piece eco-toilet, which can be seen here:

It was in the sale – with £50 off – so we decided to buy it now and store it until it is needed. It is a bit bigger than I thought though!  We may need to cover it with a blanket and use it as a chair until we’re ready to have it installed

It arrived around 12.30 – they sent me an email at 8:50 this morning saying the delivery slot would be 12-6pm – so pretty impressive really.

This is one area we’ve decided not to source second-hand (and yes it is possible). Not because of the yuck factor but because older WCs will use more water and processing of clean water in the South-East of England (where we are based) is a major energy hog.




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