I bought a kitchen on ebay!

On a quiet Sunday afternoon I did battle on ebay and emerged a victorious keyboard warrior having bought a kitchen!

These are the photos of the kitchen in its original setting. We love the solid oak wood of the units and the granite worktops, but the other thing that attracted us to this kitchen is that the layout is extremely close to the layout in our plans. The only change to the architect’s plan is moving the cooker over from the right hand side, where it would have been against a wall, over to the left hand side where it will be part of the peninsular. The plan is to have a large kitchen table on that side of the room (where the window is in the original layout) so I think the cooker will work very well there.



The sellers are having their own extension built with a new kitchen and their builders will be taking this one out as soon as theirs is ready. Lots of the listings for kitchens on ebay needed the buyer to dismantle the kitchen and I was keen to avoid those ones. We’re not great at that sort of thing ourselves plus it might be a sign that the kitchen units aren’t very solid and the seller isn’t confident that they’ll survive being removed.

The kitchen also comes with a range cooker, extractor fan/hood, dishwasher and built in fridge, so we’ll need to decide what to do with those.



We’re hoping their new kitchen won’t be ready too soon as we’ll need to pay for this to be stored as our dining room is already filling up with a eco-toilet and other fittings!

There are specialist websites and dealers for second-hand kitchens, but the ones I found were all extremely expensive. If we’d gone for a kitchen with wooden worktops then the closeness of match to our planned layout would have been less of an issue, but it is very tricky to cut granite worktops – the advantage of them is that they are very strong and durable.

See how it looked when it was fitted in our house…

Fitting our ebay kitchen



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