Ebay purchases for shower room

I bought a shower on ebay earlier this week. I’m pleased because I’ve been looking out for one the right size for a while. There’s only 85 cm between the wall and the door in the shower room – so there’s no chance to use anything bigger and we wouldn’t want anything smaller as it’s only just big enough. (We tested this out by standing in shower cubicles in bathroom sales places in DIY stores.) The shower base is very substantial and not flimsy – which is especially good when you’re looking at refitting a second-hand one.

But we’ve found out that you can’t fit an 80cm quadrant shower in a hatchback car although we managed to get the base and doors in. We’ll need to hire a man and van to move it. (Hiring a man with van seems to be cheaper than just hiring a van, partly because you pay by the half hour that way.)

The shower doors are now safely stored behind the sofa in the living room, waiting for the rest to get here.


I also bought some ceramic bathroom wall tiles on ebay. They were very nice ones left over from somebody else’s DIY project. I’m not sure yet where they are going – we might put them in our main bathroom as they’re so nice or we might put them in the shower room – I calculate there’s enough for the shower and a splashback for the wash basin.


Costs are:
Wall tiles £3.20
Shower+base $31

although we need to factor in the cost of petrol in collecting them and also now the cost of the van hire.


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