Preparing for the messy first stage

The first stage of the project is very messy and requires us to be out of the house. It involves

  • Removing two chimney breasts one upstairs and one, directly above it, upstairs (the chimney stack has already been removed above this level).
  • Knocking through a new opening upstairs for our airing cupboard
  • Building new walls in the room that will be our bathroom to create the airing cupboard so that it opens onto the landing instead of into the bathroom
  • Installing bath, sink, shower and WC into our new bathroom
  • Putting up new walls in our old kitchen to create the downstairs shower room, utility room and cloakroom
  • Knocking through to create  a new doorway into the downstairs shower room (so that they can still access it)

We’re going away for the two weeks of the Easter Holidays and need to be able to live in the house when we get back.

We’ve packed up the contents of our daughter’s bedroom (it’s becoming the new bathroom) and moved her into her brother’s room, along with some of her furniture. There is very little floor-space showing now in that bedroom and you have to crawl across his bed to get to hers.

We’ve cleared the kitchen and boxed up most of the stuff. The things that we can do without for a few months are off to join our kitchen units and Big Yellow storage.

Our kitchen table and chairs are now in the living room – making it tricky to get to the sofas.packing

The dining room is full of showers, toilets and washbasins with labels on to describe where they should go (This in addition to all the normal stuff in the room which is staying put.)

Then we removed the tiles from the kitchen walls and left it ready for the next stage. Here’s hoping we have a house we can live in when we get back…





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