Ready to start the Extension

This is a view of the back of our house prepared and ready for work on the extension to start. The builders have removed the patio slabs and the planters that were there. We’re very pleased that they have also managed to dig out the large self-seeded holly tree that had been on the right hand side.

The beige bit on the left (our bathroom) and the square flat roofed mini-extension (our back hallway) are due to be knocked down on Monday. It’s OK because we now have an upstairs bathroom converted from our daughter’s bedroom. This means that our two children are now sharing a bedroom.

We’ll be staying in the house throughout the rest of the build. Renting a flat or small house round here within reach of the children’s schools would be horrendously expensive. Short term rentals are being advertised at £3K-£4K per month and I’d rather spend that money on the house.

We’ll be safe from the dust as long as we can work out how to close that open window on the top left. They’ve built a wall in front of the main part so we can’t close it from the inside!


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