To tile or not to tile?

So we decided to splash out and buy marble-style wall tiles to go floor to ceiling in our new bathroom (apart from the sloping ceilings) it’s a bit of a shock to the system having to actually buy from a shop and pay proper prices – but they were in the sale and will cost even more next week – so we bought them and because we’re not going to be doing this again, we decided to go fully floor to ceiling with the tiles for the luxurious look

Now we’ve found out that the builder doesn’t like the idea and wondering what to do…He thinks it will end up looking like a public toilet if we tile floor to ceiling; whereas we were more aiming for the boutique hotel kind of vibe.

We can still return some of the tiles and get money back for them if we really wanted to.

I’ve been searching the web for pictures of bathrooms to try and decide. Of course the brochures and ads for all the bathroom places show fully tiled walls, but maybe that’s just so they can sell more tiles…

Do we trust the builder (who has lots of experience with organising the fitting of bathrooms) or do we go with what we want and hope it turns out the way we’re imagining (and not down the pan!)



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