Choosing a kitchen floor


After much deliberation followed by an impetuous ebay bid we have made a decision on the kitchen tiles.

I’d originally hoped to have reclaimed quarry tiles for the floor of our kitchen but the size of the kitchen makes this a little tricky. We need around 20m2 of tiles if we tiled the whole room (or slightly less assuming we don’t tile under the units). This works out as 900 tiles needed for the kitchen, more if we do the hallway in the same tiles to blend it in with the kitchen.

At reclamation yards, the tiles are £1 each upwards and the tiles being sold privately are in small amounts that won’t cover our whole kitchen. I looked in to gradually collecting enough tiles from different places but there is so much variation in size, colour and, critically, the depth of the tiles, that it wasn’t a good plan.

We also had to make sure that any floor covering we had was compatible with the underfloor heating – meaning not too thick and that the size of individual tiles wasn’t too big.

In the end I bid on terracotta coloured porcelain tiles (having previously been outbid on various other tile batches) and this time was successful in getting them for £80. They are leftovers rather than reclaimed-but otherwise fit the bill well. It seems to sometimes be cheaper to buy tiles by the pallet-load and discard some, rather than just buying the amount you need, which explains why somebody would have that amount of tiles leftover.

The tiles are now in our living room in front of our blue sofa. We can’t reach the sofa at the moment to sit on it anyway, so it’s not a big problem!!!


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