Downstairs WC

More of these ebay tiles have been laid for the floor of our downstairs WC – these tiles just keep on going – and there are still enough tiles left for the upstairs bathroom (which is the place we originally got them for).

The gap for the new window can be seen here. This wall was originally behind part of a large chimney breast, which was taken out by the builders while we were away back in April. (They removed the chimney breast above at the same time). The insulation that can be seen is the solid wall insulation that we had fitted on the outside of our house 6 years ago. It’s good to see that they did a good job and there are no gaps showing.

The drainage for the WC can also be seen here. The manhole to the sewer is just the other side of the back wall, so we chose to put all of the WCs on this side of the house. This makes the building work less expensive and avoids having to use anything like a Saniflow, which is rather unpleasant to deal with if/when it malfunctions!!!


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