First Fix

First delivery at 7.30am this morning (luckily builders were already here to see to it), then First Fix – so I had to decide locations of all plug sockets, light switches and radiators as well as which light fittings and where. I have just been climbing around the extension with the electricians deciding where plug sockets, radiators and lights will go. Double sockets in every corner basically. They suggested pir lights outside and also having external plug sockets. I agreed, hope it’s not extra….

 So, on the electricians’ recommendations there will be lots of 2 way and even 3 way switches for rooms that have multiple doors. There will be PIR (passive infrared) lights outside that will automatically switch on if there is movement after dark. I’ve specified all light fittings to be low energy – LED if possible. I’m also opting where possible to have radiators on internal walls rather than on external walls below windows, in accordance with modern thinking of heat consumption. I hope we don’t regret any of the decisions…

The photo shows the view of our kitchen to be from our current, temporary, kitchen. At the moment we have to go round the side of the house and in through the doors to get in to the extension.

And extra roof tiles just arrived


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