Beautiful brickwork

When we had the render replaced on the front and side of our house, around six years ago, we were really struck with the appearance of the original brickwork of the house. We didn’t see it for very long as the whole structure was having external insulation applied and then a new render to make it energy efficient and super-insulated. Just leaving the brickwork of our solid walled house would have been a nightmare in terms of heating and energy saving.

(We had a thermal imaging survey done on the house by the architecture department of a local University as part of a research project and it was really obvious that the areas that were bare brick were leaking heat alarmingly!)

But the idea had been planted and we were keen to incorporate an original brick wall in our new kitchen if possible. This wall is becoming an internal wall so there is no need to worry about U values and so on any more. The only thing was that we didn’t know what the brickwork would look like on this particular wall once the render was removed.

So here it is – so glad I managed to speak to the builders before they plaster-boarded over the render. We are pleased and relieved with the appearance and are planning industrial electrical fittings on this  wall to match the look (must make sure the main builder has told the electricians this).




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