Painting the pink bedroom

We used eco-friendly paints from the Earthborn clay-paints and eggshell ranges. The colours are Tutu (pink), contrasted with white. We didn’t realise that we had an outdated paint-card when we invited our daughter to choose her favourite colour for her bedroom, and only discovered when we came to order that Tutu is no longer part of their main range. Luckily Earthborn were very happy to mix the colour for us with no extra hassle or expense.

As well as being compostable, these clay-paints give off hardly any fumes so they are very pleasant to work with. They also give good coverage – so you don’t need lots of coats. This helps to offset the some of the extra expense, because the downside is the cost. We used Earthborn white “eggshell” paint for the woodwork (but left the beam as natural wood).

There is wiring for a light to go near the top of the ceiling and another light for a down-lighter for the beam.


To get planning permission for a two-storey extension we had to lower the extension compared to the original house, meaning that we needed to include steps down to the bedrooms.

However, to comply with building control regulations we had to make sure that there was an additional 60 cm from the swing of the door to the edge of the step. After much debate we came up with this design which met both the building control requirements and the requirements of the builder for something manageable to make as well as looking good.

The master bedroom has a small corridor, leaving an obvious place for a step, so we didn’t need a big debate there.


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