Painting the vaulted ceiling

We took the day off work to celebrate our wedding anniversary and spent it painting our new master bedroom. It was strangely nostalgic – reminding us of the time just after we were married when we were decorating our first home together, and a good chance to chat.

The ceiling is now painted – we were beginning to doubt whether having a full height vaulted ceiling was a good idea after all. After this painting everything else will seem easy!

The first coat was trickier to prepare, as we were diluting the paint for painting onto fresh plaster. But it was also the most satisfying as you could see the transformation before your eyes. The second coat almost wasn’t needed, but we did it to be sure. The paint we’re using is Marbles: an Earthborn claypaint.

We worked very carefully around the chandelier and it was still intact (and even paint-free) at the end of the day.

The chandelier is a bit of an extravagance, but we thought the vaulted roof justified it. It’s from John Lewis.


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