Easy upcycling – new life for CD shelves

Now that people are storing music in the cloud and listening to Spotify instead of CDs lots of people are getting rid of their old CD collections.

This ebay-cd-shelvesmeans that they don’t need CD shelving any more which is probably how I was able to get these shelves for such a good price – it was just £5 for both sets of shelves. (The original eBay picture is on the left).

However, it turned out that both units actually had shelves that are adjustable – just by moving the supports into different holes. This meant  it was super easy to increase the gaps between each shelf and adapt one unit for my daughter’s books (see the main photo) and the other one for my son’s Marvel DVDs.

So, if you don’t need something anymore, even if you think it’s outdated, try selling it on eBay or even just giving it away – someone else might think of a new use for it.

And, if you’re selling on eBay always include lots of information about the product to get the best price. I’m sure they would have gone for more if the seller had stated that the shelves were adjustable.


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