Light fittings

I was really pleased to get all of the remaining light fittings that we need from Argos in their current 25% off all lighting sale – just in time for the electricians arriving on Monday.

The whole of the original house is being rewired and the disruption is going to be so extreme that we can’t stay here while it happens, so we’ll be visiting family 50 miles away. This is great but it won’t be easy to pop back and buy anything extra that is needed, so I hope everything is covered now.

Funds are getting quite tight now – the rewiring will be a couple of thousand pounds that we hadn’t budgeted for – so I was glad to be able to use nectar points to pay for some of the cost.

The lighting includes:

  • Central bathroom ceiling light – we’ve used the same model in two other places in the house already and are happy with it. I don’t have a lot of mental energy now to go and start searching for other lights and this was better value than the ones in the electricians’ own catalogue.   £19.99
  • A wall light for our porch – currently there are just bare wires hanging out of the wall  £14.99
  • Spot-light bar for the hallway, in cream to blend in with the colour scheme planned there. It needs to be a strip that will fit on the beam so that the light doesn’t get blocked. One of the spotlights will be aimed at the understairs cupboard so that we can see what’s in there. Unfortunately these lights came with halogen bulbs included. I think we’ll probably just use them for the time being but replace them with LEDs fairly soon  Cost: £29.99
  • An LED downlighter to light up the beam in my daughter’s bedroom (the wiring for this is in place in her bedroom already otherwise we might decide this was a luxury we didn’t need) This was a kitchen cabinet downlighter – so I hope it will work in this position.
  • 2 uplighter  fabric shades for new rooms – in a neutral colour that will work in any room (it wasn’t essential to have these yet, but it made sense to get them while they were on sale) £7.99 for the pair


Total cost around £60 – saving of just over £20 🙂




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