We’ve had an old-fashioned type larder built. It has been built and insulated in the same way as the walls of the house so should provide a cool space for storing things that don’t need to be quite as cold as the fridge. This means that we can save energy by making do with a smaller fridge.

The wooden shelves have holes drilled to enhance air circulation.

The door is an exotic hardwood and very heavy. We bought it  from Oxford Wood Recycling near Abingdon. The door is one of a large number that originally came from student rooms in Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Because the wood recycling store had so many to sell they were doing them at a very reasonable price.


The cupboard has been fitted with LED strip lights which light the whole cupboard – low energy and a fabulous place to hide!




From the ebay listing:

Hardwood college door (1960s)

Measurements: 2095mm (h) x 795mm (w) 45mm (d)

We accumulated a large quantity of these doors from a collection at a college in Oxford. Used with some minor damage. All door furniture is missing. This is a 2 sided door with a hollow centre. 1 side comprised approx. 15mm tongue and groove cladding and the other side plywood set in a solid timber mortice and tenon frame. The timber could be Jatoba or Merbau. It’s very attractive with some nice figuring.


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