New bed just in time

The sofa bed we have been using in our new spare room is not really suitable for long term use – or even for more than a couple of days, especially if you are 6 foot tall (or should I say long!).

Luckily, just days before our visitors arrive I spotted this bed for sale. The owners were turning their spare room into a bedroom for their daughter so no longer had room for a spare double bed. They advertised it on ebay and because they were so keen to be clear of it quickly they put it into a one-day auction. As it turned out I was the only bidder so “won” it for just £10. The photograph doesn’t do the bed justice, so may also partly explain why no one else bid.

Even better, to our amazement, they delivered it to us themselves, so we didn’t have to pay for van hire.

The IKEA Herefoss bed frame alone is currently selling for £169 so a very decent saving at a time we really needed it.

Ikea herefoss standard double bed with mattress..


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