Great value seeds

Twenty-four packs of seeds for less than £5 – they came from Poundland!

These packs cover the salad items I was looking for – it’s great to have some fast growing, quick cropping salad to keep the children interested.

There are a couple of unusual varieties – an interesting yellow tomato called yellow pear and cinnamon basil..

The Scotch Bonnet, Thai Chilli and Cayenne peppers are all a bit too hot for me so I might see if I can give them away.

Our garden desperately needs some colour as it hasn’t yet recovered from the building project and severe neglect that accompanied the building work when our garden was inaccessible.

The flowers are varieties that I really wanted to try, although in the past I haven’t been as successful with flowers as with vegetables.

I wanted the Calendula for companion planting, the gypsophila for cut flower arrangements, the poppies for colour and to press the leaves, the candy tuft just for the colour and I know I wanted cornflowers but I’m still trying to remember why.

All in all, this should work out to be great value as the seed packs cover most of the things I want to plant this year and there are just 4 of the 24 types which I don’t think I will use.


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