The larder is finally working

Finally, the last job on the list has been completed and the opening from the larder to the outside has been made. It has been fitted with a meshed grill on the inside and the outside to keep out insects and other nasties. There is also a sliding mechanism on each side to stop the airflow if it gets too cold.

It’s always struck me as slightly crazy that we spend lots of money and energy heating a room to then put a fridge in the room and spend more money and energy to cool things back down to the temperature outside. So I’m really pleased to finally have this working.

The outside of the larder is a north facing wall and it’s right in the corner against the boundary fence so it won’t get any direct sunlight. This hole and mechanism should keep the larder cool for a lot of the year.

The larder is working really well and drinks stored at the bottom are almost as cool as the fridge. The temperature increases going up the shelves of the larder as heat rises and because the hole is at the bottom. This gives us a good range of different micro-climates for storing different things.

The shelves have holes drilled in them for airflow and the internal wall of the larder is fully insulated to prevent the heat leaking out from the room.

It will be really excellent at Christmas when we need extra fridge space and when it is likely to be cold outside.

View from outside

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