Recycling upvc windows

I had a sales phone call recently from Anglian double-glazing and being English and extremely polite I didn’t hang up immediately. (It might have helped that last year they gave us free tickets to the Grand Designs Show that they were sponsoring.)

The windows in the main part of the house were installed by Anglian just over 15 years ago and every so often they phone to see if everything is OK with them and whether we would be interested in any of their other products.

On this occasion I remembered that while we were still very pleased with the windows overall one of the double glazed windows at the front of the house had condensation on the inside. This means that as well as looking unsightly, the seal is damaged and not as good as it used to be at keeping the heat in.

I agreed to a visit from a local sales rep, although I regretted it as soon as I put the phone down! External insulation was installed around these window about seven years ago, partly covering the frames, which I thought would make it very difficult to change. I was also worried that the salesman would try and convince us to then replace the other windows at the front to make them match.

However, when he came the salesman was really helpful and suggested that the internal glazing unit could simply be swapped out. They still have the records from when the windows were originally installed, so knew exactly what size they should be. So hopefully we’ll be able to go ahead with this quite soon.

I was also really pleased to find that they do recycle old uPVC window frames now, rather than just sending them to landfill when they reach the end of their life.

From the Anglian website:

What will happen to my old windows?

Not only will we take away your old windows for you but we will make sure all of them are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. As we are one of the few manufacturers who recycle UPVC we also recycle your old windows where possible.

and here are the details of the Recovinyl scheme that they are a member of:

Recovinyl Plus

Recovinyl is an initiative of the European PVC industry to advance the sustainable development of the PVC industry by improving production processes, minimise emissions, develop recycling technology and boost the collection and recycling of waste.

The old uPVC windows that were removed from our house during the renovation were still in good condition and were taken away by our builder to be used in somebody’s shed. Hopefully when they eventually come to the end of their useful life they will be recycled.


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