The problem with bare brick walls

This is a thermal imaging study conducted a few years ago – before we built the extension on the back of our house. If you ignore the red door-frame on the left (it’s an internal door so doesn’t count) and the bottles on the windowsill, then you can see the window and the outside wall….

The larder is finally working

Finally, the last job on the list has been completed and the opening from the larder to the outside has been made. It has been fitted with a meshed grill on the inside and the outside to keep out insects and other nasties. There is also a sliding mechanism on each side to stop the airflow…

Sun tube

A sun tube is a way of piping sunlight down into a building


We’ve had an old-fashioned type larder built.

Light fittings

I was really pleased to get all of the remaining light fittings that we need from Argos in their current 25% off all lighting sale – just in time for the electricians arriving on Monday. The whole of the original house is being rewired and the disruption is going to be so extreme that we…

Better looking than a tumble drier

This is our solution for drying clothes when it is raining. Better looking than a tumble drier and lower running costs too! The roof will be glazed eventually

Tubes to carry light

This tube will carry light down to the middle of the house, lots of light coming through now – but the bottom has been boarded up so we don’t lose any children through the hole! Basically there’s a small round window in the roof, a small round window in the ceiling of the ground floor and…

Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?

This beautiful paper lampshade is in the design of a hot air balloon. It is very easy to fit as it simply clips onto an ordinary light bulb hanging from a pendant fitting. The light fitting makes the most of the vaulted ceiling. Using an LED bulb means there is no danger of the lampshade…


Heat-loss reduced by porch    

Underfloor heating

The warm water pipes were laid on top of the Celotex insulation. One disadvantage of underfloor heating is that you have to plan exactly where everything is going to go in advance and you can’t really change your mind afterwards – you don’t really want heating under cupboards that you are using to store food…

Beautiful brickwork

When we had the render replaced on the front and side of our house, around six years ago, we were really struck with the appearance of the original brickwork of the house. We didn’t see it for very long as the whole structure was having external insulation applied and then a new render to make it…

Chute for the stars

Here is a photograph of the inner workings of the sun-pipe that will be lighting the kitchen. The round port-hole on the right is the small window on the roof. The round opening on the ground, carefully placed to avoid the joists, is the place that the sunlight will be channelled to. The silver circle…