The problem with bare brick walls

This is a thermal imaging study conducted a few years ago – before we built the extension on the back of our house. If you ignore the red door-frame on the left (it’s an internal door so doesn’t count) and the bottles on the windowsill, then you can see the window and the outside wall….

Beautiful brickwork

When we had the render replaced on the front and side of our house, around six years ago, we were really struck with the appearance of the original brickwork of the house. We didn’t see it for very long as the whole structure was having external insulation applied and then a new render to make it…

Earthwool insulation

The Earthwool insulation is made using recycled materials and is also nicer to handle than the standard irritant mineral wool insulation material but still has the same performance. For more information see:  

Roof is insulated

Insulation is now being added to the inside of the roof. It is being cut and fitted between the rafters before being sealed at the edges to make it extra energy efficient. The insulation is standard sheets of Celotex – the kind of thing that is used in typical brick construction between skins. This insulation stays…