Sun tube

A sun tube is a way of piping sunlight down into a building

Tubes to carry light

This tube will carry light down to the middle of the house, lots of light coming through now – but the bottom has been boarded up so we don’t lose any children through the hole! Basically there’s a small round window in the roof, a small round window in the ceiling of the ground floor and…

Chute for the stars

Here is a photograph of the inner workings of the sun-pipe that will be lighting the kitchen. The round port-hole on the right is the small window on the roof. The round opening on the ground, carefully placed to avoid the joists, is the place that the sunlight will be channelled to. The silver circle…

Is it a port-hole?

No it’s going to be a sun-tube – piping natural daylight down to the kitchen. Our daughter is disappointed not to be getting a porthole in her bedroom!

Inside the Airing Cupboard

We have an airing cupboard!!! It has had to be larger than intended because the hot water storage cylinder is bigger than originally planned. The hot water cylinder was chosen because it needs to be able to cope with input from solar thermal panels eventually. It also has a window at the moment which has been…